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#lifeatPERTAPIS | Sarah Sulaiman

Meet Sarah, Deputy Head (Programme and Planning) at Pertapis Centre for Women & Girls. She is currently leading the efforts to transform PCWG so that they can deliver various programmes in order to improve their residents’ experiences in the home.

Q & A with Sarah

What is your role and how did you find your way to your current role at Pertapis?

I am the Deputy Head of Home (Programme and Planning) at PERTAPIS Centre for Women and Girls (PCWG).

The daily schedule of a deputy head is likely to vary from day-to-day. There are tasks that are as simple as performing administrative duties and liaising with partners for potential collaborations, to something more complex like planning and implementing of social, emotional and behavioural programmes.

But what remains special for these 5 years in my service is that the smiles and “good morning” that I never fails to greet me as I reach work. I take on life as a Social Worker by constantly growing, exploring new experiences and embracing new people. I believe in the power of collective impact and growth. I am currently helming the transformation effort of PCWG to deliver different niche programmes so that we can enhance our residents’ experiences in the home.

How would you describe your journey in the Social Service sector?

Among all the things I am grateful for, one of them would be my career as a social worker in PCWG. This 17 July 2022 marks exactly five years serving in this field. I contemplated probably all my (career) life before the day arrived, and the outcome was surprising, even to myself; I decided to stay. This career, this life, brought me more I asked and hoped for. It is not extravagant, and I might never be able to afford many things as my other close friends do but my heart is always full and filled because I have the opportunity to give back and be kind everyday. Honestly, every experience in this field of work is priceless and valuable.

Like many other things in my life that took an unexpected twist, which turned out to be better - this one is surely one of my best experiences. I am a social worker for life!

How would you describe the culture at Pertapis?

The people are really what makes PERTAPIS special. I got to create meaningful relationships and initiatives to build a better PCWG and PERTAPIS with the kindest people who are motivated. I am intensely humble and feel greatly supported and touched by each one of the people I have met.

What is the most fulfilling part of your job?

I am grateful to be part of the residents' journey towards growth. One of the girls was applying for her Early Admission Exercise and she included this in her portfolio “I aspire to work with the community as I want to help others. I am inspired by my Deputy Head in the Girls Home that I am currently living in.” I am humbled to have been the person who has given her the enthusiasm to reach for such bright goals.

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

I don’t watch movies or television.

What are some of your aspirations as you continue your journey at Pertapis?

I have four main aspirations - help real people live better lives, make the work of community change simpler and more effective, learn together so that we can achieve better outcomes and address root causes and system barriers to create long-term and sustainable impact.

Get to know more of our passionate and incredible employees at #lifeatPERTAPIS and learn how you can be part of the team!

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