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Launched in 2019, Drive for Change (DFC) is a programme under PERTAPIS Halfway House (PHH) and is supported by the President's Challenge Empowering Life Fund (ELF). Selected residents in PHH are given the opportunity to enroll for Class 3 and Class 4 Driving Licenses, while being attached to PHH Movers Team,

an existing occupational therapy programme which provides moving and logistical services to internal and external clients. Residents are mentored on the nature of the logistics industry, maintenance of vehicles

and handling of clients.


Upon attainment of license, the residents are linked to our current partners supporting DFC with employment - D2D Logistics and Evolve Logistical Social Enterprise - in the logistics industry where successful candidates are provided with employment - which is a requirement under PHH's Service Model (HSM). 

In summary, DFC's objective is to provide residents with a practical skill set and qualifications that enables them to secure better career opportunities which will in turn motivate them to lead healthy, drug-free lives for themselves and their loved ones.



This Ramadhan, DFC is pleased to partner with Mamanda Food Solutions, which specialises in providing tingkat food service for clients who prefer pre-planned meals to be delivered to their homes on a daily basis. DFC has successfully delivered a set of 2 bentos sponsored by Mamanda, 1 bag of food ration and NTUC vouchers by PERTAPIS, to 50 families-in-need, who are PERTAPIS' registered welfare beneficiaries, including single parents, and senior citizens living on their own who are unable to prepare their own meals.

Through this project, DFC participants are given the opportunity to be the giver as opposed to being on the receiving end of help throughout their rehabilitation process. This is a therapeutic experience that helps boost their self-esteem and will motivate them

to be contributing members of the society.

Thank you, Mamanda, for the collaboration opportunity!

And thank you, Berita Mediacorp, for the media coverage!

Click on the button below to read our media coverage in Berita Mediacorp:



With online transactions driving the demand for the delivery services, DFC will be launching a courier service! Preparations are well on the way as the backend processes are currently being set up for this new project. At PERTAPIS, sustainability is always a priority and we aim to provide job security for our DFC graduates, ensuring they are

able to contribute economically to their families.

We are also in talks with potential partners who may want to engage DFC's services exclusively, and this is another potential area that we are looking into.

Email us at if you are interested in being a partner!

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