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#lifeatPERTAPIS | Ustazah Radziah

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Meet Ustazah Radziah, a Moral Educator and Welfare Officer at Pertapis Centre for Women & Girls (PCWG). She began her journey in Pertapis as a Moral Educator since 2001, Ustazah shares how her role at Pertapis has made significant impact in our residents' lives.

Q & A with Ustazah Radziah

How long have you been with Pertapis and what is your current role?

I started my career at Pertapis as a Moral Educator in 2001. I am currently holding a dual role of a Moral Educator and a Welfare Officer at PCWG.

What is a typical work day at PCWG for you?

As a Welfare Officer, we work on shifts. During the pandemic, We were scheduled with twelve-hour work shifts. However, we have now moved away from shift and back to an eight-hour shift schedule. As a Welfare Officer, I am tasked to care for the well-being of the residents. I also guide the Muslims girls through moral education to attain understanding of Islam.

What is the best part of your role?

Helping and guiding the residents in their spiritual journey has been the most enjoyable part of my role. When they start to understand and practice what has been taught to them, it gives me a sense of satisfaction.

How would you describe your experience interacting closely with the residents of PCWG?

At PCWG, we provide our residents with a safe and supportive environment. The working experience gained here has been invaluable and it has presented me with countless opportunities to serve the community by guiding and providing support to the girls through their life obstacles.

What are some challenges you have faced in your role and how did you overcome them?

Any role would have its challenges. In my line of work, the challenge is identifying the right approach for each resident as there is no one approach that fits all. Every resident has a unique background, set of values, lifestyle and challenge. Therefore, it is important to learn and understand more about them as individuals, to make sure that the right approach is used to effectively support and guide them.