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#lifeatPERTAPIS | Siti Nurbaiyah

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Meet Nurbaiyah, Head of Home at Pertapis Centre for Women & Girls (PCWG). Ignited by her interest to work with youths beyond the context of classroom teaching, she took up the Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) in Social Work to become a full-fledged social worker.

Q & A with Nurbaiyah

What is your role and how did you find your way to your current role at Pertapis?

I have been the Head of Home for Pertapis Centre for Women and Girls (PCWG) since January 2021. Before joining the social service sector, I was an educator for 8 years with the Ministry of Education. I am passionate about working with youths and my years as a teacher motivated me to work with youths beyond the context of classroom teaching.

I chanced upon the opportunity to take up the Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) in Social Work in 2017 and became a Social Worker in 2020.

What does a typical workday at PCWG look like for you?

A typical workday starts with planning, organising and coordinating the daily operations of the Home. This is a critical step to ensure all needs of the Home are met so that we can deliver the best possible care for all young persons under our care.

Following this, I will usually have a short team huddle as a platform to disseminate critical information and directions for the day.

The flow for the rest of the day depends on what has been scheduled and it will typically involve engaging with volunteers, external stakeholders and professionals as a means to establish connections in the community. I strongly believe that I am in a better place to influence, nurture and educate, when I have good rapport with someone. Hence, before I end each day, I will make it a point to spend some time interacting and engaging with the youths through various activities such as playing games, sports or group sessions.

Tell us more about your journey in the Social Service Sector and what is one thing you would share with someone who is interested in joining social service?

I started my journey in Social Service in 2016 and I was working as a Social Work Associate in a Family Service Centre. I was then offered the opportunity to work for PCWG as a Case Worker and Programme Coordinator before being tasked to take up a leadership position in 2021.

The social work profession is a fulfilling career. It offers rewards, even in the face of challenging circumstances.